Kid Kamp 2023

We are excited to announce that Kid Kamp 2023 will be Aug 21-25 from 9:00am -12:00pm for children preschool age (3 & 4 years old) to Gr 6.

Individual Registration = $55
Individual Preschool Registration = $40 (must be 3 years old & potty trained)
  • 4 year olds = Mon, Wed, Fri attendance
  • 3 year olds = Tues, Thurs attendance

Family of 3 (same household) = $115

Family of 4 or more (same household) = $140

You can register online or in church office during office hours (Mon-Thurs from 9am-3pm).
Snack Schedule
We know that some of our Kampers have food sensitivities and/or allergies so we thought we'd post our snack menu for Kid Kamp week. If, after seeing the menu, you decide it's best to send your kiddo their own snack for the day, please reach out to our office to let us know so we can keep track and keep all our kampers safe. You'll need to label their snack bag with their full name and grade. Our kitchen team will make sure it gets to your child at snack time.
Mon = Pepperoni stick (GF) & cheese string, popcorn mix, 1/2 banana, juice
Tues = Yogurt & muffin, potato chips (plain), veggies, juice
Wed = English muffin pizza (pepperoni & cheese), popcorn mix, rice krispie square, orange, juice
Thurs = Kabobs (pepperoni stick (GF), cheese, tomato), potato chips (plain), veggies, juice
Fri = Piggie-in-a-blanket (hotdogs in crescent roll), popcorn mix, seasonal fruit, juice

Please dress your kiddos for the weather and adventurous activity (no flip flops please).
Our theme days are as follows:
Tuesday - Bring a friend day
Wednesday - Crazy hair day
Thursday - Backwards day
Friday - Silly sunglasses day
This year, we are having a Toilet Paper Drive to help out the Gibbons Family Resource Center. Please consider bringing at least one if not a few cases of TP to help out those in need in our own community.
If cost is an issue for you, please contact Kelly or Monique in the church office at
If you'd like to volunteer for Kid Kamp please contact Kelly or Monique in the church office at

Kelly & Monique

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