2015.09.27 Annual General Meeting

SAC Annual Meeting
Date: September 27, 2015

Meeting began at 6:10 PM

Opening Devotional – Pastor Greg Mulligan

Acts 14:21-28 – "they gathered the church together and reported all that God had done through them" v27. We celebrate what God has done. The highlights of the past year encourage our faith and direct praise to God. 

Call to Order (Steve Heinen, chair)

39 active members present

Approval of Agenda

MSC to approve the agenda.

Approval of Membership List

The published membership list included Marcus Merritt who is deceased.
MSC to approve the membership list as amended.

Recap of 2014-2015 Year

Various praise reports from the floor. Praise God for:

  • Working in the board members to grow their faith.
  • A GPS group serving a community family
  • Griefshare reaching out to a co-worker in her time of loss
  • Blessing of being part of the Elder nomination committee
  • The Holy Spirit guiding the Elders in the visioning process.
  • For SAC, Kid Kamp, and programs
  • Bounty of baptism on baptism Sunday
  • Support for missionaries through funding, prayer, and raised awareness (Missionary night)
  • Church reaching out to support our community through roofing projects etc.
  • Alpha attracting 35 participants. Some were later baptized. People growing in the faith.
  • Easter Sunday praying with Deb's co-worker. She came to faith and is influencing her office.
  • Patience and care toward the Campbells in their time of grieving and healing.
  • GPS leadership stepping up and introducing fresh ideas.
  • Amazing GPS studies that are challenging us. Reflects our pastor's obedience to God.
  • King's Kids celebrating 14 years of influencing families in the community.
  • Sara Kugler celebrating 10 years of being part of King's Kids.

Steve Heinen closed this time in prayer.

Approval of Previous Minutes

September 28, 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes – MSC


Annamae Ruth opened in prayer
Chair turned over Greg Mulligan for the duration of the Board of Elders' Report

  • Board of Elders by Steve Heinen – MSC to accept the report as submitted.Greg Mulligan thanked Steve for his service as elder. Steve's term as elder and chairman of the board end this fall.
  • Lead Pastor by Greg Mulligan – MSC to accept the report as submitted.
  • Associate Pastor by Nathan Pollock – MSC to accept the report as submitted.
  • Youth Pastor by Fred Ruskowsky – MSC to accept the report as submitted.
  • Children's Ministry by Kelly Kozak – there was a question from the floor as to what is the Compassionate Cook ministry. Kelly described it as a ministry to the community to provide meals for families in a time of need.Greg Mulligan thanked Kelly for her huge efforts and big heart. MSC to accept the report as submitted.
  • Kings Kids by Sara Kugler – Note that enrolment is up to 40 children from 28 last year. MSC to accept the report as submitted.
  • GPS by Annamae Ruth – there are 13 groups this year including Alpha, Truth Project, Love & Respect, Griefshare. Annamae thanks the leaders and hosts. MSC to accept the report as submitted.
  • Worship submitted by Dale Yushchyshyn and presented by Greg Mulligan – MSC to accept the report as submitted.
  • Missions by Nathan Pollock – Greg Mulligan thanked the Missions committee for increasing awareness and support for our International Workers. MSC to accept the report as submitted.
  • Grace in Motion submitted by Darrell Dalby and presented by Jacquie Jaehn – MSC to accept the report as submitted.
  • Finance by Kelly Froese – there is a surplus of $27k from the 2014/2015 fiscal year to be distributed between 50% extra mortgage payment, 30% projects, 20% missions. Mortgage currently stands at $784k with a projected end date of 2022. MSC to accept the report as submitted.
  • Budget by Kelly Froese – submitted a budget of $585,359 requiring an increase in giving of 1.6% over 2014/2015 actual donations. MSC to accept the budget as submitted.
  • Nominating by Greg Mulligan. There were 2 nominations required by the committee felt lead to provide 3 nominations as follows:
    • Jeff DeHaan for a 3 year term
    • Bert Zylstra for a 3 year term
    • Grey Forsyth for a 1 year term
      MSC to accept the report as submitted. 

Election of Elders

  • Wilma Dalby and Kirk Siebel were appointed as teller by the chairman.
  • A time of silent prayer seeking God's direction before the vote was closed by Steve Heinen.
  • Voting was conducting by secret ballot. A candidate must receive approval of 60% of the members present at the meeting (60% of 39 = 24).

Results of Elections

Chair declared that all 3 nominees (Jeff Dehaan, Bert Zylstra, Grey Forsyth) were elected to serve as Elders.
MSC to destroy the ballots.

Election to 2016 Nominating Committee by Greg Mulligan

Norm Harrison and Michelle Dion were nominated from the floor.
MSCU to close nominations and declare the 2 nominees elected.

Closing Comments by Greg Mulligan

Greg read from I Cor 3:5-11. We have one purpose but many roles we all need to do our part. There is a need right now in Children's ministry and we are all encouraged to seek God's direction as to whether we are called to help out. As each one does their part, the snowball builds yielding a new harvest.
Greg led in a time of prayer and laying on of hands for the new board of elders. 
Adjourned at 7:45 PM to the Gathering place for refreshments and a fellowship time.