2019.08.27 Annual General Meeting

SAC Annual General Meeting

Date: September 25, 2018  

Meeting began at 7:00 PM 

Opening –Brent Foster read from Galatians 6:9. Do not grow weary in doing good – the harvest is coming.  

Brent opened with prayer  

Call to Order (Jeff DeHaan, chair)
32 active members present  

Approval of Agenda
MSC to approve the agenda as presented.  

Approval of Tellers
MSC to approve Dale Yushchyshyn and Kelly Froese as tellers.  

Approval of Membership List
MSC to approve the membership list as circulated.  

Approval of Previous Minutes
September 25, 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes – MSC  

Chair turned over to Steve Heinen for the duration of the Board of Elders’ Report

  • Board of Elders by Jeff DeHaan
    Chair returned to Jeff DeHaan.
  • Lead Pastor Report by Brent Foster.
  • Youth and Young Adults Pastor by Josh Ginn.
  • Director of Children’s Ministry by Kelly Kozak.
  • Director of Connections & Care by Annamae Ruth
  • Small Group Committee by Annamae Ruth.
  • King’s Kids Preschool by Sara Kugler.
  • Worship Ministry presented by Dale Yushchyshyn.
  • Grace in Motion Committee received as information.
  • Missions Committee by Mike Wasylynchuk.
  • Finance Team by Kelly Froese.

MSC to accept the reports as circulated/presented.  

 2018/2019 Financial Statements presented by Kelly Froese

  • Giving exceeded the budget by $12k.
  • There was a deficit of $31k for 2018/2019 that was covered by surplus from previous years.
  • Major building expenses in this year: sanctuary renovation
  • Mortgage outstanding as of June 30, 2019 is $349,886.

MSC to accept the Financial Statements as submitted. 

2019/2020 Budget presented by Kelly Froese

  • 13.0% increase over last year – submitted a budget of $661,140.

MSC (unanimous) to accept the 2019/2020 budget as submitted.  

Report of the Nominating Committee by Brent Foster

  • Nominates Darren Ruth and Jeff DeHaan to a 3-year term as elder.
  • Nominates Cindy Bredin and Willis Kozak to serve on the 2020 Nomination Committee.
  • Nominates Preben Pedersen to serve as an alternate on the 2020 Nomination Committee.

The report is taken as information.

Election of Elders (chaired by Steve Heinen)
Vote for Jeff DeHaan and Darren Ruth taken by secret ballot. Jeff DeHaan and Darren Ruth were elected with over 60% support of the ballots cast.  

Election to 2020 Nominating Committee (chaired by Steve Heinen)
Vote for Cindy Bredin, Willis Kozak, and Preben Pedersen by secret ballot. Cindy Bredin, Willis Kozak, and Preben Pedersen were elected with over 60% support of the ballots cast.

MSC to destroy the ballots.  

SAC Bylaw Changes by Jeff DeHaan
  MSC (unanimous) to approve the bylaw changes as presented.

Jeff adjourned the meeting at 8:00 PM

Steve Heinen closed in prayer.

The meeting was dismissed to the back of the sanctuary for refreshments and a fellowship time.