SAC Board Policies Manual Introduction

The Board Policies Manual (BPM) exists to assist the SAC Elder Board in their shepherding of the church by describing why we exist and how we operate.  To maintain its usefulness, the BPM needs to be a ‘living document’ in that changes to the manual are regularly occurring.  As such, it will be necessary that the Board ensures it is using the latest version. 

The Manual is split into four sections.

  1. Vision, Priorities & Goals
    • This is perhaps the most important role of the Board and the one in which the most Board time is spent.  Contained in this section are SAC Core Values and the ongoing visioning results of the Board (Vision, Priorities, and Goals).
  2. Governance Process & Development
    • This section is on how the Board conducts itself.
      • Governing Philosophy and Style
      • Purpose and Role
      • Board Development and Recruitment
      • Board Office Roles
      • Board Meetings
  3. Board/Lead Pastor Relationship
    • This section sets out how the Board relates to the Lead Pastor.  It deals with what is delegated to the Lead Pastor from the Board, how the Lead Pastor is evaluated, communication between the Board and the Lead Pastor, and how the Lead Pastor is encouraged and cared for by the Board.
  4. Empowering Boundaries
    • These policies place limitations on the Lead Pastor to act within acceptable boundaries as set forth by the Board.
      • Lead Pastor’s responsibility of carrying out direction as set by the Board, including giving direction to the staff
      • Lead Pastor’s responsibility with regards to the finances of SAC, including items related to the annual budget and capital purchases
      • Lead Pastor’s responsibilities as related to recruitment, leading, and evaluation of staff
      • Lead Pastor’s role on existing and new ministries