SAC Bylaws

Approved at Annual Meeting of August 27, 2019


Sturgeon Alliance Church is a member of the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada. As such, Sturgeon Alliance Church is governed by the Local Church Constitution (that includes the denominational Statement of Faith), which has been adopted by the General Assembly of The Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada. Sturgeon Alliance Church may adopt additional by-laws and policies but in no case should these by-laws or policies contradict the provisions of the Local Church Constitution.

Article 1: Name

This church shall bear the name of Sturgeon Alliance Church of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada, and may conduct its affairs under the name Sturgeon Alliance Church (hereinafter referred to as “SAC”).

Article 2: Purpose

Sturgeon Alliance Church exists, through the work of the Holy Spirit, to make fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who are growing in their love for God and their love for one another.

Article 3: Membership

  1. The membership roll shall be kept in two parts:
    1. Active Members – defined as resident members in good standing, at least eighteen (18) years old, and actively attending and supporting the church.
    2. Associate Members – defined as members not presently active in this church but who desire to retain their membership at SAC (ie. missionaries, students away at Bible College, members in nursing homes or members engaged in SAC-supported ministries in a distant location). All Associate Members can be moved to Active Member status at any time by decision of the Board of Elders.
  2. Only Active Members shall be entitled to vote on church matters.
  3. Discipline of a member shall be the responsibility of the Board of Elders or its designate, and shall be in accordance with the “Discipline and Restoration Policy of Members of the Local Churches” adopted by The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada and any supplementary policies developed by the Board of Elders. It shall be a condition of membership that a person accept and comply with this policy.
  4. When an Active Member moves away, they will be moved to the Associate Member list, and will remain there for one year, or until a request for transfer or removal of membership is received.
  5. A member shall continue in good standing until membership is terminated at the written request of that member or by action of the Board of Elders.
  6. Membership may be terminated by the Board of Elders if a member has not attended the church for at least one year. Prior to such action being taken, the member shall be contacted by the Board of Elders.

Article 4: Business Meetings

  1. An Annual Meeting of the membership shall be held within 90 days following the fiscal year-end, with the date, time and place of such meeting to be determined by the Board of Elders. Notice of the meeting shall be given to the membership by posted announcement in the church premises and by verbal announcement during each of the weekend services, for at least two (2) weeks before the meeting, including two (2) Sundays. A description of the business items to be transacted shall be declared together with the above announcement of meeting.
    The fiscal year of the church shall be from July 1st to June 30th.
  2. In the case of special business or congregational meetings, notice of the meeting shall be in accordance with Article 4, Section 1.
  3. The Board of Elders must call a special meeting of the membership when ten percent or more of the Active Membership request it.
  4. A quorum for any meeting of the membership shall consist of 25% of the membership.

Article 5: Board of Elders

  1. In accordance with the example of Jesus, when he appointed men to lead the church, and the instructions of Paul in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, the office of elder is to be filled only by men who are members in good standing, and who meet the biblical qualifications for eldership.
  2. The exact number of elders required will be determined by the Nominating Committee prior to the Annual Meeting of the church, in consultation with the standing Board of Elders.
  3. The position of Elder shall be an elected term of three years. An Elder shall not succeed himself for one year, after having served two consecutive terms. Should a vacancy occur on the Board and the Board of Elders appoint a person to fill the remaining portion of that elder’s term, that term will not be considered an elected term.
  4. Elections to the Board of Elders shall be by ballot at the Annual Meeting. No nominee to the Board of Elders receiving less than 60% of the total ballots cast shall be elected.
  5. The quorum for the Board of Elders shall be two thirds of its members.
  6. The Board of Elders shall select a vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer from their members, in keeping with the constitution. The senior pastor, or a member of the Board appointed by him, shall be the chair.
  7. The Board of Elders shall have authority to fill vacancies between annual meetings.

Article 6: Organizations

Organizations and committees established in the church shall be under the authority of the Board of Elders, and therefore all appointments or approvals of leadership, membership and objectives shall be by the Board of Elders as it deems necessary.

Article 7: Property and Records

  1. The Board of Elders shall appoint an independent 3rd-party to review the financial records for the church, at least once every 2 years, and shall present said review to the membership for its approval.
  2. The Board of Elders shall present an annual budget for approval by the congregation at the Annual Meeting.
  3. The purchase or sale of real property, and or the incurring of financial liability in excess of $50,000, must be approved by two thirds of the members present at a duly called meeting of the membership.
  4. Upon approval by the Board of Elders of a written request, a member may view specific SAC records in the presence of a member of the Board of Elders, subject to any additional requirements outlined in policies approved by the Board of Elders.

Article 8: Nominating Committee

  1. The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Lead Pastor (who serves as its chair), two members of the Board of Elders, elected by the Board, and two members of the Active Membership, elected by the 60% of the members present at a duly called congregational meeting.
  2. The Nominating Committee will, at least three weeks prior to its initial meeting, advise the membership that they may submit names, for consideration by the Nominating Committee, for the position of Elder and for members of the following year’s Nominating Committee. To be considered, the submission must be received by the Chair of the Nominating Committee by the deadline specified and include the following:
    1. name of the member who has been a member for at least one year prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting;
    2. qualifications of the member; and
    3. signatures of at least two other members supporting the submission.

The Nominating Committee will consider the submission as part of their nomination process but is not required to include the submitted member as an Elder nominee or as an nominee to the Nomination Committee, respectively.

Article 9: By-laws

These by-laws may be amended from time to time at any duly called meeting of the membership. All proposed amendments to these by-laws must be posted for review at least two (2) weeks prior to a duly called meeting. A three-quarters majority of the members present shall be necessary to amend. All amendments approved by the membership become effective upon approval by the District Executive Committee of the Western Canadian District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada.