SAC Facility Rental Policy

Part I Facility Rental Policy Overview

Effective January 1, 2017

Policy Purpose

To ensure that Sturgeon Alliance Church (SAC) facilities are well managed and utilized in a manner consistent with the SAC “values and beliefs”, as formally stated in the "SAC Statement of Faith, Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Core Values.

SAC desires to be an agent of transformation and connection in the greater Gibbons/Bon Accord area and as such to make certain building facilities available to the people of SAC, but also to the local community at large subject to certain rules as applied under the SAC Values and Beliefs. To enable this objective, the facilities are available to SAC staff and members and to non-members with a reference (church contact who is a member of SAC).

This Policy and the related rental fees are to be designed to make the SAC facility as appropriately accessible as possible. As the rental fee may be prohibitive to some, it is to be recognized that this Policy is provided as a best effort to balance between the SAC accessibility with the obligations that SAC is to maintain as a charitable organization operating a facility which is available for community-use.

All facility rentals at SAC are subject to all terms and conditions as defined within this Policy in effect as of the above noted date, superseding any pre-existing policies.

Part II SAC Prioritization for Facility Use

Requests for use of SAC facilities will be prioritized and considered in the following order:

  1. SAC events and activities, whether scheduled or unscheduled that are under the authority, control and supervision of its staff or volunteers.
  2. Weddings and Funerals which are subject to approval by the SAC pastoral team
  3. Not-for-profit and other charitable groups1 with similar purposes2 which align with the SAC Values and Beliefs and also comply with the designated charitable purposes of SAC.
  4. Private and for-profit groups (who will not sell products/services on site) or other individuals whose purpose or activities do not conflict with the SAC Values and Beliefs.


  1. Not-for-profit - may be charitable or not charitable; such entities exist for the benefit of their members and not necessarily the public.
  2. Similar purposes - groups whose values and beliefs align with those of SAC.

Part III SAC Standard of Conduct for Facility Use

This Standard of Conduct is not offered as a legalistic definition of right and wrong. Rather, it provides examples of the commitment to the mission of SAC to defer to the Bible in all matters of faith and conduct. Furthermore, even if certain expectations may not be commanded by Scripture, they are highly desirable in the use of SAC facilities. Consequently, the Renter and guests must agree that the SAC Board of Elders will be the final arbiter of what conduct is acceptable within the SAC property. The foregoing policy notwithstanding, the SAC Board of Elders reserves the unconditional right to refuse permission of the use of the SAC facilities.
It is the policy of SAC that the Renter and all guests shall abide by the following Standard of Conduct during the time the SAC premises are rented:

  • The Renter and guests shall demonstrate respect for the property of others and of SAC and be subject to all of the safety and occupancy ordinances of the Town of Gibbons especially but not limited to, fire, safety, smoking, parking, overcrowding, etc.
  • The Renter and guests are expected to show respect, love, and consideration for others in all activities conducted within the SAC premises. Whereas SAC believes that, without exception, every human being is a valuable person created by God in His image and thus possesses inherent dignity
  • The Renter and guests are expected to refrain from practices or promotion of practices which are contrary to Biblical teachings as promoted within the Christian and Missionary Alliance and SAC. These include, but are not limited to same-sex marriage, abortion, and the occult. They also include, but are not limited to, drunkenness, harassment, all forms of dishonesty including cheating and stealing, gambling, and the viewing of pornography.

Part IV Facility Rental - General Terms

All Renters must agree and abide by the following terms:

  1. The Renters application form when approved by the Lead Pastor becomes the entire contract between the parties.
  2. The Renter may be required to remit a $300.00 damage deposit upon confirmation of rental. SAC may withhold all or part of the deposit in the event of damage or misuse of the SAC premises. Any and all damage must be reported to the SAC Church Office.

  3. The Renters access to the SAC premises shall be restricted to areas as defined in the rental contract. Areas of the SAC building which have not been specified for access to the Renter in the rental contract shall be off-limits to the Renter.

  4. All areas as used by the Renter must be cleaned before vacating the SAC premises as required (i.e. swept, counters wiped, trash removed, and other cleaning tasks as directed by the facility rental representative). SAC shall provide the various cleaning equipment as may be required.

  5. The Renter shall be responsible for returning all tables, chairs, etc. into their original storage locations.

  6. The Renter shall remove all of their decorations prior to vacating the SAC premises.

  7. Renters are not permitted to use any tacks, staples or other fasteners on any SAC furniture, fixtures or other facility surfaces. “Sticky Tac” is to be the only method acceptable for hanging decorations on the walls.

  8. Renters are not permitted to utilize any confetti, rice, rose petals, or other like materials in or around the SAC premises. Renters may emit soap bubbles outdoors but not anywhere inside the SAC premises.

  9. Renters are not permitted to access, use or relocate SAC musical instruments or electronic equipment such as, piano, drums, microphones, etc., unless written authorization is provided to the Renter in advance by the SAC office.

  10. Renters are not permitted to access to, or operate the lighting or sound systems except as only provided by designated SAC trained personnel. Prior arrangement for such personnel is required as part of the rental agreement. As required, the Executive Pastor or Delegate will arrange for a representative(s) from SAC to provide supervision of the event and for the operation of the audio and visual systems, if required. If representative(s) are unavailable, such facilities will not be available for rent.

  11. The Renter is responsible for all damage as caused by anyone attending the Renters’ function.

  12. SAC reserves the right to cancel the contract at any time without notice if the Renter has caused a breach of the contract terms. Deposits may be returned if there are no damages, but only at the sole discretion of the SAC office; accordingly, the deposit may be forfeited. Any Renter who falsely represents themselves in the rental contract shall be denied access to SAC property, and shall be sufficient cause or reason to disallow or cancel/evict any Renter or Renter’s guest. Any condition, activity, action or deed contrary to this Facility Rental Policy, SAC Values and Beliefs as determined solely by the SAC Board of Elders shall be sufficient cause or reason to disallow or cancel and or evict any Renter and/or their guest(s).

  13. In the event the Renter cancels the contract within seven days prior to the date of the designated function, SAC reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of the deposit at its sole discretion.

  14. Vehicles parking within church property is only permitted in the parking lot without blocking the entrances.

  15. Alcohol or illegal drugs shall not be permitted in or on SAC premises.

  16. Smoking of any sort is not permitted within the SAC premises.

  17. Renters are not permitted to sell products/services anywhere in SAC premises

  18. Renters are responsible for all the children which are present during their event at the SAC premises, as such the Renter is responsible that they are under proper supervision and confined only to the rented areas. An additional charge shall be rendered to the Renter for use of the Nursery which must be supervised by a responsible adult(s) at all times.

  19. Food or beverages are not allowed in the Auditorium without prior written approval from the SAC office.

  20. Electric candles are permitted on SAC premises, however non-electric candles are not permitted unless explicitly approved for a specific use in writing on the rental contract.

  21. Ministers or marriage commissioners officiating weddings at SAC must be approved by the Pastoral Staff and align with the SAC Values and Beliefs. All weddings performed on SAC premises shall conform to the biblical definition of marriage being between one man and one woman.

  22. SAC has several people available to officiate funerals as a service to the greater community. If a family wishes for someone other than one of the SAC pastors to officiate they are welcome to do so but are asked that one of the SAC pastors would be allowed to share a Word of Condolence on behalf of SAC to those gathered during the service.

  23. The Renter shall indemnify and hold harmless, SAC, its Board of Elders, Pastors, staff, members or adherents, the Christian and Missionary Alliance of Canada, respecting the cancellation or refusal in whole or in part of any event or activity whether approved or deny against any loss they may suffer, or any claim, which may be brought against them, resulting from the planned event or under the conditions imposed by this agreement.

  24. The Renter remains solely responsible and liable for any injuries, harm, sickness, and or up to and including death of any person(s) arising during or from any event undertaken in SAC premises.

  25. The Renter is required to provide proof of event insurance coverage to SAC where SAC is listed as owner of the rental premises.

  26. It shall remain the Renters’ responsibility to advise attending guests of any applicable or all rules under the rental contract.