SAC Financial Assistance for Counselling Policy

Sturgeon Alliance Church Financial Assistance for Counselling Policy

Last Updated:  October 5, 2017

Sturgeon Alliance Church (SAC) desires to help those who regularly attend SAC to be able to access needed Christian counselling services.  In consultation with at least one other elder, the lead pastor of SAC will determine whether Christian counselling is deemed necessary and whether the individual / family needing the counselling are able to pay for the counselling themselves.  In those cases where there is a financial need, the following will apply:

  • SAC will pay for up to 75% of the total counselling services for up to 4 sessions. If after the completion of the first four sessions, the lead pastor in consultation with at least one other elder, deems that there is a need for additional counselling, SAC will pay up to 75% for an additional four sessions only.
  • The money needed to pay for the counselling will come out of SAC’s benevolent fund. To protect complete confidentiality, the benevolent fund committee (“Grace in Motion”) will not be provided with any details of the individual / family requiring counselling other than how much was approved and to which Christian counsellor the individual / family will be receiving services from.