SAC Standing Board Policies


These Standing Board Policies of the Elders Board (Board) of Sturgeon Alliance Church (SAC) are current as of February 18, 2019, and replace any and all policy statements made prior to this date. This document will be revised and updated whenever there are altered policies and the updated policies will be the guiding policies until such time as they are revised and/or updated at a duly called and run meeting of the Board.
None of the following policies are to contradict in any way the Local Church Constitution of the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada or the bylaws of SAC. 
A: Mission & Vision Policies

  1. GPS Group Leaders: agreed that all GPS Group Leaders should be members. (September 2, 2010)

B: Baptism & Membership Policies

  1. Who can baptize others? Anyone wanting to/asked to be involved in baptizing others, must have a personal faith in Christ as Savior & Lord, and must themselves have been baptized as a believer. This will be determined beforehand through a personal conversation, and will be communicated to the congregation at the actual baptism ceremony. One of the pastors or elders of SAC will be involved in every baptism also. (February 28, 2013)
  2. Age of baptismal candidates: agreed to be open to the baptism of children as God shows they are ready. This will be determined by a personal interview with at least one pastoral team member. (December 17, 2012)

C: Financial & Facilities Policies

  1. Student Scholarships Policy: governs the awarding of scholarships to post-secondary students from SAC who are attending Bible College. (January 24, 2013 – entire policy contained in the SAC Policy Binder)
  2. Signing Authorities: MSCU that Kelly Froese and Kim Bohaychuk are appointed as approved signing authorities for both the Sturgeon Alliance Church bank account and the King's Kids Preschool bank account at Servus Credit Union, and that all other previous signing authorities are rescinded, effective 15 October 2018. (renewed October 21, 2019)
  3. Facility Rental Policy: governs the rental and use of SAC facilities. (January 2017)
  4. Financial Assistance for Counseling Policy: governs providing assistance with the cost of counselling. (August 2017)

D: Leadership Policies/Appointments

  1. Board of Elders
    1. 2019-2020 Board Positions: Lead Pastor - Brent Foster;  Chair – Jeff DeHaan; Vice-Chair – Darren Ruth; Secretary – Adrian Mulligan; Treasurer – Kelly Froese; Member – Steve Heinen; (October 21, 2019)
  2. Board-Appointed Leadership Teams
    1. 2018 Missions Committee: Brent Foster (chair), April Braun, Sara Heinen, Willis Kozak, Gayel Zylstra. (October 2018)
    2. 2017 Plan To Protect Chair: Lauri Froese
  3. Nominating Committee 
    1. Composition and process is described in Article 8 of the SAC Bylaws.
    2. Responsible for the selection of nominees to the board of elders.
    3. Responsible for the selection of nominees to the Nominating Committee for the following year. The committee will solicit names from the congregation. The membership will vote on the candidates at the Annual General Meeting. (February 2019)